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Mail Bag

Thank you Apple Foundation for awarding the "Bugs Alive" grant to us the past several years. The kindergarten children love the experience! The grant allows us to explore scientific principles in a hands-on matter. The children are able to observe the life cycle of various insects and look forward to the butterfly release each year. - Kindergarten Teachers


The APPLE Foundation has been very gracious awarding a grant each year to the Guntersville City School Spring Musical. Without the APPLE Foundation's support our spring musical would not survive. Thank you APPLE Foundation! You are greatly appreciated! Sing!

Christi Smallwood


I am incredibly grateful for the apple foundation. As a fine arts teacher, I wouldn't have had the support and resources to do what I feel is important!


I am thankful for Apple Grants and the people who make this possible. Great things are happening because of their support


I want to thank APPLE Foundation for working so very hard to help fund grants for our schools/students. It is very easy for us to apply and accept the grant and not realize the hard work that has been done by so many foundation members. Your concern for our students, and your hard work is greatly appreciated!!


The Apple Foundation is great! We appreciate all you do!!