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Some of the Common Questions:

Q: What is the Apple Foundation?


A: We believe the best way to invest in Guntersville's future is by providing an extraordinary education for our children.


The Apple Foundation was established to fund worthwhile educational programs and projects. Educators submit grant requests each spring and, after a thorough review process, grant money is awarded before the summer. This allows your dollars to be put to work as soon as school begins in August.


Apple grants enable teachers to offer innovative and exciting academic programs to our children. Please note that Apple grants fund only those materials and curriculums which are not covered through state or local budgets. Foundation money provides additions to the standard curriculum that supplements and enrich our children's education.


How are we doing so far? As of January, 2006, ninety-five Apple grants had been awarded to educators at Guntersville schools.


Our commitment to education is evident not only in the number of grants awarded, but also in the unique partnership that has developed among Guntersville educators and our very generous community.


Q: How is Apple Money Spent?


A: Programs funded by the Apple Foundation help to enrich the lives of our youth by providing educational experiences which stimulate discovery, learning and understanding about themselves and their world. Since its initial fundraising in 2003, the foundation has raised over $500,000.


Every dollar you donate to the Apple Foundation goes directly to Guntersville teachers and students. No overhead or salaries are paid with foundation money, and your donation is tax deductible because of the foundation's tax exempt status.


Some of the programs and events funded by the Apple Foundation include:

 An exciting robotics program for GMS and GHS students that allows students to build robots and enter them in contests.

 Science computer lab at GHS

 Equipment for the Fine Arts departments for working with glass

 Equipment for GES and GMS to produce daily closed-circuit television broadcasts.

 Materials and equipment for the GHS spring musical


Q: Who Makes Apple Grants Possible?


A: We're reaching out to the families of past and future citizens - the people who value and benefit from excellent educational programs.


The Apple Foundation relies on your generous support to continue its success. Any of our board members will be happy to answer your questions about contributing to the foundation.


If you've given to the Apple Foundation before, thank you, and we hope you will continue to support Guntersville's teachers and students by giving again.


Q: Why does Guntersville need a foundation?


A: The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funding for worthwhile programs and events that are beyond the scope of the general operating budget of the school system.


Q: How does the Foundation work with the Board of Education?


A: The Foundation and Board of Education are two separate entities working toward the same goal: the betterment of our schools. However, in order to ensure communication between the boards, a member of the Board of Education, the Superintendent, and the Community Education Coordinator will serve as non-voting members of the Foundation board.


Q: Do other school systems have foundations?


A: Yes. Several school systems in our area, along with statewide and nationwide have already established successful foundation organizations. Some of those systems include Albertville, Arab, Athens, Auburn, Cullman, Marshall County, Mountain Brook, Sylacauga, and Vestavia Hills.


Q: Is my donation tax deductible?


A: Yes. The Apple Foundation is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization. Contributions to these organizations are typically tax deductible. You should consult your tax advisor concerning your gift.


Q: How will the Foundation spend the money?


A: Educators will complete an application form which will provide the information to make a decision on the funding of projects. The Foundation Board has a Grant Review and Disbursement Committee that will review each application based on established criteria. Grants will only be made that enhance curriculum that are already in place.


Q: How and what can I give?


A: Outright gifts of cash, securities, or real estate are simple and convenient ways to donate and receive maximum tax advantage. Other ways to share include bequests, life insurance, trusts, and memorials.


Q: Will the money from the Foundation go to build or repair buildings?


A: No. The Foundation is not in existence to plug holes in proration but to fund special projects above and beyond the normal curriculum.


Q: How are we doing so far?


A: As of 2012, over 300 Apple grants had been awarded to educators at Guntersville schools. Since its initial fundraising in 2003, the foundation has raised over $500,000.


Q: How do I make a pledge to the Foundation?


A: To make a pledge, fill out a pledge form and send it to Apple Foundation Inc. P.O. Box 921 Guntersville, AL 35976, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.